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Whether you’re in need of a complete wardrobe revamp or some new pieces to get you ready for the approaching season, then you have come to the right place. K-laa will start in your closet where she will assess your style needs. Then K-laa will get to work shopping for a wide array of choices from the best LA sources and online based on your specific style, needs, and budget. After we’ve gathered your selection of items, we’ll reunite for a styling session in your home where you try on and choose the pieces you’d like to keep. We’ll also talk about how you can wear them with other items in your existing wardrobe, style them into new outfits, and take pictures of each one. Our team will take care of all the returns/exchanges, and you’ll be left with a fresh new style to take on the season!


1 .  1-hour in-home assessment of the current clothing options and determine your shopping needs.
2 .  Shopping for you over a period of up to two weeks by K-laa and The K-laa’s Secrets crew.
3 .  3-hour in-home fitting to try on the pieces and choose what you’d like to keep.
4 .  10 styled outfits incorporating the new pieces into your existing wardrobe and polaroids of each one to start or add to your lookbook.
5 .  One round of returns and exchanges, taken care of by K-laa’s Secrets crew.

Price: $250

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