Closet detox

K-laa will go through every corner of your wardrobe and emerge on the other side with a fresh and perfect wardrobe for you! Not a single item will be missed. K-laa will sort through everything and only keep the items that will help you toward your ideal personal style; The rest will hit the road! K-laa will go through your revised closet by styling fresh outfits that are flattering and currently trending. K-laa will take photos of each combination to help make getting dressed easier! K-laa will leave your house with making sure everything is hung properly on sleek new hangers + a detailed shopping list so you can take your style to the next level.
  1. 4 hour style assessment and “detoxing”  of your closet with K-laa and her assistant.
  2. 5 outfits styled out of key pieces. Polaroids will be taken of each one implied into a look book.
  3. 50 New black slimline hangers so everything in your closet looks perfect.
  4. Curated shopping list of the must-have pieces that are missing from your closet.
Price: $150
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