@chrisalmighty surprised me with the bag I have been eying for a while now!

” After reading about how amazing these bags are – I fell in love! Its not that the bags from Ellen & James are cute its the work that goes behind the scenes to make them!  These bags are hand crafted in Bali and each bag takes about 1 week to make. They use materials that are grown in Bali called ( Ata or Ati). Each bag is smoked over coconut husk during the drying process..  I can go into more details but I will leave it to them; or else I could go on and on! 🙂 Click here to find out more!  ( this was not a spencer post, I honestly just love this company! )

Website – https://www.ellenandjames.com.au

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ellenandjames/